Junior Staff

Sharing God’s Grace and Glory through His Creation

Counselor in Training (15-17 yr old)

During 2 weeks (CIT 1st yr $395), 3 weeks (ACIT 2nd yr $150), or 4 weeks (Junior Counselor 3rd yr $0), CITs have the opportunity to learn about being a counselor. The first week you will take park in a training experience learning how to teach the various activities at camp. The second week, you will be with a cabin group applying what you’ve learned. For more information or to apply, please contact LVR.

Counselor in Training (CIT)

Cost $395/person

June 22- July 03

July 05 – 17

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Advanced Counselor in Training (ACIT) $150

June 28 – July 17

*Must fill out and send in a Junior staff application

2 positions, 3 week commitment must have completed CIT.

Junior Counselor Cost $0 /person

June 28 – July 24

*Must fill out and send in a Junior staff application

Must have completed CIT & ACIT.

Paid Junior Maintenance Crew (16 yr old +)

*must fill out and send in a Junior Staff Application

LVR seeks 2 or 3 youth per session to be paid assistants with basic maintenance duties around camp. Your role, under the guidance of our maintenance coordinator, will be helping washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash containers, cutting grass, and various other basic maintenance duties.