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Welcome to the forms & info page.  For all summer camp campers, retreat groups, and servant events these forms will need to be give to LVR 3 weeks in advance of your arrival to camp.  If for some reason this is not possible please call the office and let us know, we do accept forms the day of registration.  If all these forms are completed before your arrive to camp and sent to the office @ LVR this will greatly speed up your registration experience.

Optional Physical Form

This form is an optional doctor’s physical form that you can bring in to your physician. If your physician provides their own form, or if you already have a physical form from the last 12 months, you do not need to print out or use this form. Please bring your physical from the last 12 months with you to camp or email a copy to lvr@lvr.org.

Colorado Immunization Form

This specific form is required by the state of Colorado to be filled out and signed by a doctor for all children attending camps across the state. Thank you for your understanding! 

Activity Release Form

While we give our best effort to provide the safest enviroment for your camper, there are risks to camp activities.  This form spells out these risks and allows both parent and camper to sign the paper.  If you forget to bring this form with you we will have extras available during registration day.

COVID Release Form

Please read through this form and sign the guidelines to show that you understand the risks of COVID at summer camp and to lean how you can join LVR in preparing to have the safest and healthiest summer possible. This form is required for your child to attend camp.

Parent Manual

Parents, please read the parent manual.  It will answer most of your question that you may have for your campers.

Required Camp Medical Form

Please complete this required medical form and submit to us 10 days before your child’s session starts. You can email a scanned copy to lvr@lvr.org, upload it to your child’s registration profile under the ‘Forms’ section, or complete and submit electronically in the ‘Forms’ section of the registration system. Note: this form is required in addition to a signed doctor’s physical within the last 12 months and the approved Colorado immunization form.

Horse Release Form

Please only fill out if your camper is riding horses.  This informs you of the risk of horseback riding.  While we have horses that are very good and great to for trail rides, they are still animals.  If you forget to bring this with you on the registration day, extras will be provided.

Photo Release Form

Let us know if we can use your camper’s picture for our publications via print, web, and social media.  The pictures taken from the week are what we use to promote this great ministry.  Thank you for allowing us to use the pictures taken throughout the week.

Temperature Chart

It is highly recommended that you track your child’s temperature for two weeks before attending camp. Please do not attend camp if your child has a fever up to 3 days prior to camp. 

The To Bring With You List

This list is for everyone that is coming to camp. It gives you what you should bring to have a very enjoyable stay at the camp.