Sharing God’s Grace and Glory through His Creation

Erin Pearce:

“Just wanted to let you know that you all did amazing with my daughter! I never heard her talk so much about all the fun that she had. Shout out to Benz and Queso [summer staff]…Danika loves you both to pieces. Shout out to her Sherpa girls as well. She has formed friendships that she will never forget and will forge with going forward. She is really excited for next summer and you may even see her more than once…she is excited for the opportunity to apply for J crew when she is 14…We have been so blessed with her stories and we look forward to the many more memories she will be creating with LVR!! God bless you all!!! XOXO mother of Danika Pearce”

Leland & Kathy Jackson:

“My favorite thing about camp is the relationships that will last into eternity.”

Scott & Leah Abel:

“Our daughter Amelia attended summer camp at LVR in the summer of 2022. We were surprised that in November she was still talking about her experience at LVR! She tells us over and over that it was the highlight of her summer. She still sings songs from camp. As parents, we are so thankful for the larger Christian community to help develop her faith in Jesus. She’s already excited for next summer!”

Annie Anderson:

“Both of my children went to LVR from kindergarten to their senior year of high school. They learned compassion towards others different than themselves, went on backpacking trips from junior high through high school and learned leadership and teamwork skills. They also learned a lot of fun songs they still sing to this day!!!”


Holly Corum Ford:

“Thank you for all you do! My son was just telling me how much he learned last week about perseverance and how he’s going to apply it to the school year! You all are changing lives!”